28 November 2009

Welcome to The FX-University

Welcome to the FX-University!

We hope that you will find this blog both informative and helpful towards the aim of enhancing your forex body of knowledge and trading skills.

For our first post, we'd like to introduce to you a fairly robust (and publicly available) technical analysis system called the "Nostromo", presented by RTFX Tradertip.

As they've explained on their site, the Nostromo system includes all the technical indicators (resistance, support, channels, moving average, oscillator, projection, objectives, cycle, overbought or oversold area, etc…). It resumes the selected currencies pairs’ situation.

Nostromo will generate a daily, weekly and monthly commentary, giving the key entry and exit points as well as the risky points.

To learn more about RTFX Tradertip and to know how to interprate it, click HERE.

As the analysis is produced in advance of any given trading day, it is a very useful place to start planning your trades.

Have fun and stay profitable. :-)


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